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First copies of ONE are here!

What happens when you have your studio full of instruments and you just wanna play them all!?? Getting creative #toddboston #onemanband#newalbumcoming

Laying out the instruments I played on the recordings for a photoshoot today...This album ONE has been long in the making but I am really excited to be sharing more coming soon!" ~ TB ūüôā ūüéĶ 

Setting up all the instruments played by Todd on the new album ONE

Nice touch from Andrea Boston with the twine and Rosemary from our garden, each album is signed and sent by us from Magic Cottage Studios! 

Super excited! We received the first copies of the new solo album titled ... ONE ... set to release Friday Sept. 29 2017!! ūüėäūüé∂‚̧ A great way to support this project is to pre order on iTunes or Bandcamp and help us build momentum! You will immediately receive the first download single now called Hawk Medicine.

Thanks to Andrea M. Boston for the beautiful photo artwork and Tom Eaton for the pristine Mastering work!

TB Music Vlog ‚Äď Nara Japan

Hi is some new music and a behind the scenes Music Vlog! 

Filmed in Nara, Japan. I traveled with Will Ackerman to perform at the Kasuga Shrine ceremony which was one of the most beautiful concert experiences of my life. Will is quite famous in Japan from his days at Windham Hill Records which had such a big impact on the Japanese People. This was his first time returning there in 30 years. Our hosts were so gracious and friendly, Takamine provided all our guitars and we played amazing music together with brilliant Japanese Musicians. On my last day, I woke up at sunrise and hiked to the top of a nearby mountain in the Kasugayama Primeval Forest. On the way I stopped at many of the 1500 year old shrines and temples to capture the stillness of the atmosphere. In the forest I recorded a flute song inspired by this amazing place (I will put the link for that video in the comments) Nara is the ancient capitol of Japan and a national treasure. I love Japan so much and hope to return in the near future! To travel with my friend, musical collaborator and mentor Will Ackerman was truly a gift and an honor. This is the first of many...please let me know what you think and share with your friends!  


Shambhu’s New Album…
Produced by Todd Boston Join us in the making of this special album…

with gifted Guitarist and Composer Shambhu. ¬†Heartfelt and Soulful music from an intuitive artist. ¬†Currently we are in production with scheduled release at the end of 2016. Join us on the creative journey and watch these making of videos…

Horse Beach Flute Meditation

It all started on a quiet spring day on the beach last week. My wife, Andrea Boston and I were enjoying the day, birds, seals and the whales as they swam north along Limantour Beach. The amazing part of the day is that we were virtually alone on the beach for hours.

Then came two women riding horses. I was sitting playing the flute and the horses curiously came over to listen. The Mare came in front of me and began to yawn, stretching her face and relaxing her body. Then she literally proceeded to relax into what I can only describe as a meditation. She listened quietly while I played the flute, eyes closing, it was an incredible and magical experience.

After talking with the owner of the horses Karin Dilou and her friend Meta, we shared our experiences, how none of us had witnessed anything quite like it and how special a moment it was. There was something beautiful and simple that happened, it was the power of music to transform not only us as the humans but also this beautiful majestic creature named Duchess.

We received an invitation to¬†Danehill Manor, Karin’s property and what I can only describe as a horse/nature sanctuary. We visited with her and some new friends Meta, Candra and Karin’s herd of 7 horses and 2 dogs! I of course brought my flutes and Andrea her camera.

What we experienced delighted and surprised all of us including Karin as the Horses responded in such interesting and unpredictable ways to the magic of the flute. There were all kinds of interesting dynamics that played out between the pecking order of the herd and how individual horses responded.

Karin is an incredible teacher into how our subtle energy affects the animals. When we tense up, they tense and when we are confident, calm and breathing they are relaxed and able to be calm, trust and follow you as the leader.

The experiment will continue and we look forward to spending more time with these amazing animals and our new friends. Thank you Karin!! And thanks to my brother Bo Fain who makes these amazing flutes that have forever changed my life!!

The GuitarViol ‚Äď A New Journey

We all know the phrase, Life is a journey not a destination." Well it can be said,
"Music is a journey not a destination."

A few months ago my wife Andrea found an instrument online called a GuitarViol made by a master luthier and multi-instrumentalist named Jonathan Eric Wilson. A few google searches later I came across some videos and a website named

Something inside of me screamed "you have to play one of these!!" We visited with Jonathan and his wife, Nela in LA and it that was it, I was hooked. It set a series of events in motion that culminated in this moment!

The GuitarViol is an instrument that was designed and created completely by Jonathan based on his desire to play a bowed guitar. Over the course of years he formed his own unique instrument combining elements of the guitar, viol da gamba, cello and viola. The result is an instrument that sings with passion and soul.

Jonathan hand crafted a unique acoustic GuitarViol with spruce top and spalted ambrosia maple sides and back specifically for me! In my many years playing music and collecting instruments this was the first time one had been built specifically for me. She has been appropriately named Ambrosia. I am honored and grateful to have begun this journey of learning to play, it is challenging but rewarding everyday advancing and going deeper. I look forward to sharing music with you soon! ~TB

Believe in something bigger than you

Believe in something bigger than you, bigger than your limitations. Believe in a something that is a larger collective, something that incorporates both seen and unseen beings. Envision that you are tapping into a larger circle of power, one that is enveloping you and assures that you are always taken care of. One that supports you in all ways. One that gives to you a place of rest and comfort and still motivates and assures your success. You are too big too fail because you are surrounded with a collective energy of support, encouragement, brilliance, talent, contacts, networks, gifts, opportunities and Love. Shine Bright! ~TB

Believe in Something Bigger than You

Silvia Nakkach – Liminal

Produced by Todd Boston — Liminal conveys a sense of unbounded space, a state in between states, with original music not attached to any particular form. The album is a sound journey inspired by the impermanence of the life of clouds. It invites a more open listening experience where time is dilated and carefully crafted as the space between sound and silence, and density and sparseness. Atmospheres of abstract sound merge with sparks of melodic expression, both spontaneously arising, meeting and dissolving. The musicians choose to not dwell in the center of the music, but rather as another listener. In the aural continuum, the human element becomes part of the ambience finding a new field of possibilities listening and playing with the environment itself.

All Song Composed and Arranged by Silvia Nakkach and Todd Boston

Produced by Todd BostonExecutive Producer РSilvia Nakkach Recorded and Engineered by Todd Boston @ Magic Cottage Studios, Lagunitas CA. Mastered November 2015 by Michael Romanowski @ Coast Mastering Studios, Berkeley CACover Art Design by Shara GardnerPhotography by Silvia Nakkach (front/back cover) and Andrea Boston (inside cover) Musicians:Silvia Nakkach РVocals, Piano, Sound DesignTodd Boston РGuitar, Piano, Keyboards, GuitarViol, Sound DesignDavid Darling РVioloncelloJeff Oster РFlugelhorn, TrumpetVal Serrant РPercussion, Voice

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable.  In our ever-expanding Universe we can rely solely on the reality that change happens constantly throughout eternity in every moment.


We know this because of simple laws and our understanding of how the Universe works.  We can try to capture the moment in a memory, photograph, video or song but even the experience of viewing that moment is changing.  Every time we look at the object again our perception has changed and we are not the same person we were when we originally captured that moment so it can never be the same again.

Music has always been a great teacher of change.  It is always expanding, always changing in every moment, never the same and demands that you listen to every moment literally as if you have never heard it before, fresh, aware, alert and present.


One of the best tools to experience this constantly changing Universe we live in is Meditation.  By being still, focusing on our breath and listening, we relate to this moment as it is.  We can watch the subtlety of change and observe it while practicing non attachment.

This allows us to accept the moment purely for what it is, a moment.  Then, we can respond to it from a place of understanding that it is impermanent. If we are patient it will change in the next moment, the next pulse, the next note, the next breath, inevitably it will change.

Air, Water, Food, Sun, Music, Love…We are all One!

~ TB


Little Dear Music Fan

This music sings in my heart when the morning rises and when the night falls. She is the Choir of Angels, the Calling of the Soul and the Song of the Earth, selfless giving, compassionate and present. One within you and without you… ~ TB

Music can be a healing force in our lives! As an artist one of those most fulfilling experiences is sharing and performing music live. I learned something that forever changed the way I approached “performance” and that is, it is not about me. If I consciously give my gift to the “audience” with the intention that the music serves in whatever way is needed, practice my part, give it my best then get out of the way and let the music do it’s magic…then something bigger happens and everyone feels it! This picture was taken by Andrea¬†when we were working on some music in the studio. This little deer sat at the window for about 10 minutes listening intently to the magic we were creating!

~ TB

Mariposa Grove Meditation

This Song brought us into the presence of some of the biggest and oldest trees in the world.  We were mesmerized and inspired by their beauty and grace.  This track is a flute mediation inspired by the wind in the trees and the ancient wisdom of the trees.  Some calming music for your afternoon.  Recorded in Yosemite National Park, Mariposa Grove with the Giant Sequoia Trees.

Music by Todd Boston

Video by Andrea Boston