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Windham Hill Winter Solstice Tour

Little Miracles do happen…When I was about 15 years old around the holidays I was visiting my friend Paula’s  house and her parents had this great CD we loved called Windham Hill Winter Solstice. At that time (and still) I was a guitar playing sponge and was always trying to find anything guitar oriented. I went to the mall and to the record store where I found a Windham Hill Guitar Sampler featuring Will AckermanMichael Hedges and Alex Digrassi, Needless to say the album became a huge influence and sound that changed my musical life.

Fast forward 25 years and I find myself performing on guitar at the Annual Windham Hill Winter Solstice tour with Will in front of sold out crowds at some of the greatest venues in the world along side incredible artists such as Pianist Liz Story, amazing composer and multi talented Barbara Higbie, Alex De Grassi and of course Will Ackerman.


Follow your heart, follow your dreams, you never know where you might end up! Dreams come true!!

What does music mean to your life?

I have been pondering this thing we call music and admittedly I am infatuated by it. I find that all day long I am tapping rhythms or singing melodies without even thinking about it. I use music in the morning to meditate and on a good day play music in the evening to wind down and rest. I love to play music with my wife, family and friends and find it connects us in amazing ways.

I honestly don’t think I could live without it and truly feel that it is as fundamental as air, water, food and love. When I play music for long periods of time I become deeply tuned in to the now, the moment of now and find myself in a state of meditation.

I remember being a kid in my teen years and I would sit and play music for hours. At that time, life was often confusing and chaotic in many ways. Something magical would happen when I played guitar for long periods of time, I would feel good, I would notice a tangible improvement in my overall view and feelings and my desire to want to harmonize to the people and world around me.

Later in life I noticed how much music tunes me into presence and provides a sanctuary of support and nurturing energy and healing that few other things do. What is it for you? What does music mean to your life.


flute ready to meditate

This music sings in my heart when the morning rises and when the night falls. She is the Choir of Angels, the Calling of the Soul and the Song of the Earth, selfless giving, compassionate and present. One within you and without you. ~ Todd Boston

Jeff Oster

Jeff Oster – Next…
Produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, Jeff Oster
…Guitar on track 9 Todd Boston, Engineering on track 6

Heather Houston

Heather Houston – Prayers for the Water
Produced by Todd Boston,

Released in November of 2015!

This evocative and uplifting album highlights music from diverse traditions blessing and honoring the life-giving element of water. Deeply soothing and relaxing, it invites you to fall in love with the spirit of water through the spirit of music.

Heather Houston layers her heart-opening voice to create a rich tapestry of vocal harmonies alive with reverence for our sacred waters.

The album also features:

Award-winning guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Todd Boston
Internationally-acclaimed artists Jami Sieber on cello and Tammy Hall on piano
The transcendent voices of Heather’s global music choir, Yala Lati
One of the chants from the album, Om Mani Padme Hum, was highlighted in the Global #LoveWater Telesummit with Deepak Chopra.


“Prayers for the Water is clearly one of the finest releases of this year, Grammy-worthy, and an intimate listening companion for years to come. Dive in and you’ll swim effortlessly!”
— Common Ground Magazine

“Her deep love for water is infused throughout the album.”
— Good Times

“Heather Houston’s Prayers for the Water explores different traditions of praise for the life-giving qualities of water.”
Santa Cruz Sentinel


AmazonScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.41.17 AM

” Todd Boston is an extraordinary producer and multi-instrumentalist musician! Not only does he have the technical expertise, professionalism, and vast knowledge of the music industry, he also brings the fullness of his heart and depth of devotion to the project.

He has the ability to hold and expand the vision of the project with the artist so that one feels carried and supported the whole way through.

I am still in awe at the exquisite beauty that we created together for the “Prayers for the Water” album. And Magic Cottage Studios is just that. Pure magic! Tucked away in the forest next to a little creek and lots of wildlife. The whole experience is Divine! But wait, it gets better!

Todd’s beautiful wife Andrea is also on team Magic Cottage. Not only is she the hostess with the mostess who treats the artists like royalty, she is an exceptional graphic designer whose design work for the album art is inspired by her being steeped in the essence of the music as it is being created. Her work is clean and clear, refined and artistic.

I’m completely delighted by the whole experience! I would recommend Andrea as graphic designer and Todd as a recording engineer and producer to any musician who is ready to allow the heart of the music to show them the way! “

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and Welcome!

Every once and a while it’s good to clean the closet and start fresh.

This is a New Beginning.  The last few years have been an incredible journey and in my heart of hearts I feel the best is yet to come.  I am exited about life and I feel exited to create music.

TB Guitar1

There is a deep yearning in my heart to play music, if I don’t for a day or a few days some part of me starts to ache and I get a little less patient and potentially more grouchy.  I play the guitar, a flute or perhaps a drum for more than a few minutes and something remarkable happens.  I transform.  I relax.  I become completely present and absorbed in the mystery and magic of music.

Music is a very practical thing, according to Webster’s, “the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity.”

That is an accurate definition of music but still there is something beyond that definition that defies scientific explanation.  There is something missing from that definition.  What’s missing is the immeasurable impact when a person “orders tones or sounds…” with heart and soul.  When tone and human come together to make music, heaven and earth collide and the realms of “reality” and miracle become indistinguishable.

And As far as I can tell music is a miracle.  In all of the great stories from every spiritual tradition sound, tone, music is deeply in relationship with whatever or whoever is believed to have created everything.  I have yet to hear a creation story that doesn’t involve some kind of vibration or sound.  The mystic would say Nada Brahma.  What does this mean? Simply,  Sound is God!



Ajeet Kaur

Ajeet Kaur – At the Temple Door
– Produced by Todd Boston

Ajeet Kaur is an artist of depth and devotion who sings from her heart and soul.   We co-created the beautiful album At the Temple Door released by Spirit Voyage in 2013.  There are many great things to come for such a special artist.

buy on:

Recording Journey at the Magic Cottage Studios |photos by Andrea Boston|

Here is a short video by Ajeet talking about the album