First copies of ONE are here!

What happens when you have your studio full of instruments and you just wanna play them all!?? Getting creative #toddboston #onemanband#newalbumcoming

Laying out the instruments I played on the recordings for a photoshoot today...This album ONE has been long in the making but I am really excited to be sharing more coming soon!" ~ TB 🙂 🎵 

Setting up all the instruments played by Todd on the new album ONE

Nice touch from Andrea Boston with the twine and Rosemary from our garden, each album is signed and sent by us from Magic Cottage Studios! 

Super excited! We received the first copies of the new solo album titled ... ONE ... set to release Friday Sept. 29 2017!! 😊🎶❤ A great way to support this project is to pre order on iTunes or Bandcamp and help us build momentum! You will immediately receive the first download single now called Hawk Medicine.

Thanks to Andrea M. Boston for the beautiful photo artwork and Tom Eaton for the pristine Mastering work!

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