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Todd Boston

Todd Boston is a composer, guitarist/multi instrumentalist and producer that defies what is possible for one musician. He fuses advanced finger style guitar techniques, wood flute, percussion and instruments of the world together with live looping and computer technology. As a touring artist and performer for concert audiences, festivals, yoga classes or at the bedside of hospital patients, Todd invokes the feelings of nature in his melodic, and rhythmic playing to inspire and soothe his listeners.


Silvia Nakkach – Liminal

By Todd Boston / July 11, 2015

Produced by Todd Boston — Liminal conveys a sense of unbounded space, a state in between states, with original music not attached to any particular form. The album is a sound journey inspired by the impermanence of the life of clouds. It invites a more open listening experience where time is dilated and carefully crafted […]


Change is Inevitable

By Todd Boston / July 10, 2015

Change is inevitable.  In our ever-expanding Universe we can rely solely on the reality that change happens constantly throughout eternity in every moment. We know this because of simple laws and our understanding of how the Universe works.  We can try to capture the moment in a memory, photograph, video or song but even the experience of […]


Little Dear Music Fan

By Todd Boston / January 10, 2015

This music sings in my heart when the morning rises and when the night falls. She is the Choir of Angels, the Calling of the Soul and the Song of the Earth, selfless giving, compassionate and present. One within you and without you… ~ TB Music can be a healing force in our lives! As […]


Mariposa Grove Meditation

By Todd Boston / December 29, 2014

This Song brought us into the presence of some of the biggest and oldest trees in the world.  We were mesmerized and inspired by their beauty and grace.  This track is a flute mediation inspired by the wind in the trees and the ancient wisdom of the trees.  Some calming music for your afternoon.  Recorded […]


Windham Hill Winter Solstice Tour

By Todd Boston / December 22, 2014

Little Miracles do happen…When I was about 15 years old around the holidays I was visiting my friend Paula’s  house and her parents had this great CD we loved called Windham Hill Winter Solstice. At that time (and still) I was a guitar playing sponge and was always trying to find anything guitar oriented. I went […]


What does music mean to your life?

By Todd Boston / December 11, 2014

I have been pondering this thing we call music and admittedly I am infatuated by it. I find that all day long I am tapping rhythms or singing melodies without even thinking about it. I use music in the morning to meditate and on a good day play music in the evening to wind down and […]


Jeff Oster

By Todd Boston / August 11, 2014

Jeff Oster – Next… Produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, Jeff Oster …Guitar on track 9 Todd Boston, Engineering on track 6 next by Jeff Oster


Welcome to my new blog!

By Todd Boston / January 22, 2014

Hello and Welcome! Every once and a while it’s good to clean the closet and start fresh. This is a New Beginning.  The last few years have been an incredible journey and in my heart of hearts I feel the best is yet to come.  I am exited about life and I feel exited to […]


Ajeet Kaur

By Todd Boston / May 11, 2013

Ajeet Kaur – At the Temple Door – Produced by Todd Boston * Ajeet Kaur is an artist of depth and devotion who sings from her heart and soul.   We co-created the beautiful album At the Temple Door released by Spirit Voyage in 2013.  There are many great things to come for such a special […]

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