Believe in something bigger than you

Believe in something bigger than you, bigger than your limitations. Believe in a something that is a larger collective, something that incorporates both seen and unseen beings. Envision that you are tapping into a larger circle of power, one that is enveloping you and assures that you are always taken care of. One that supports you in all ways. One that gives to you a place of rest and comfort and still motivates and assures your success. You are too big too fail because you are surrounded with a collective energy of support, encouragement, brilliance, talent, contacts, networks, gifts, opportunities and Love. Shine Bright! ~TB

Believe in Something Bigger than You

About the author

Todd Boston

Todd Boston is a composer, guitarist/multi instrumentalist and producer that defies what is possible for one musician. He fuses advanced finger style guitar techniques, wood flute, percussion and instruments of the world together with live looping and computer technology. As a touring artist and performer for concert audiences, festivals, yoga classes or at the bedside of hospital patients, Todd invokes the feelings of nature in his melodic, and rhythmic playing to inspire and soothe his listeners.

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