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Horse Beach Flute Meditation

By Todd Boston / May 15, 2016

It all started on a quiet spring day on the beach last week. My wife, Andrea Boston and I were enjoying the day, birds, seals and the whales as they swam north along Limantour Beach. The amazing part of the day is that we were virtually alone on the beach for hours. Then came two women riding […]


Believe in something bigger than you

By Todd Boston / January 9, 2016

Believe in something bigger than you, bigger than your limitations. Believe in a something that is a larger collective, something that incorporates both seen and unseen beings. Envision that you are tapping into a larger circle of power, one that is enveloping you and assures that you are always taken care of. One that supports […]


Change is Inevitable

By Todd Boston / July 10, 2015

Change is inevitable.  In our ever-expanding Universe we can rely solely on the reality that change happens constantly throughout eternity in every moment. We know this because of simple laws and our understanding of how the Universe works.  We can try to capture the moment in a memory, photograph, video or song but even the experience of […]


Little Dear Music Fan

By Todd Boston / January 10, 2015

This music sings in my heart when the morning rises and when the night falls. She is the Choir of Angels, the Calling of the Soul and the Song of the Earth, selfless giving, compassionate and present. One within you and without you… ~ TB Music can be a healing force in our lives! As […]


What does music mean to your life?

By Todd Boston / December 11, 2014

I have been pondering this thing we call music and admittedly I am infatuated by it. I find that all day long I am tapping rhythms or singing melodies without even thinking about it. I use music in the morning to meditate and on a good day play music in the evening to wind down and […]