New album by TODD BOSTON



Hello Friends and Family, thank you for joining me here and being a part of this project!

One thing I know and believe, music is medicine. This amazing gift of sound, this thing we call music, is nothing short of miraculous. Our ability to listen is the essence of who we are as humans. 

I have experienced the healing effects of music throughout my life. As a young teenager I felt intense emotions of anxiety, confusion and sadness. Music became an ally and would help me  shift those emotions into something positive. Music continues to serve my daily life by helping me focus, energize, relieve stress and connect to my family, friends and community.

As a father of a two-year old son, I have experienced and witnessed the expansive power of music to calm and soothe him to sleep, teach him to listen,  focus, explore and play.

Three out of four Americans  report experiencing stress that affects their physical and mental health.  We all deal with stress in many ways;  music can be a very effective tool and remedy.  Do you remember a moment when you heard music and felt transformed, where you literally felt your mood shift from tired to energized, or from tense to relaxed?

Ancient spiritual traditions and modern science both know  the power of sound and music to heal and we are discovering these miraculous effects more every day.  This is because music is a vibrational medicine of tone and emotion and we are vibrational beings.

Music is a gift for us all. This is the medicine of music.

 After releasing several award-winning albums and receiving feedback from you, my friends, fans and listeners, it is clear to me that this music has had a positive effect on your lives. I am grateful to receive all of the notes and comments of how my music has touched you in some way.

When I connect to the moment through breath, tune into my heart and allow the music to flow through something magical happens.  This is my life’s purpose…..to share the transformative power of music with you.

That is what this project is about and I am asking for your support to help bring it to the world.  Please join me on Kickstarter to make a pledge and pre-order now.

My goal is to create beautiful acoustic music that is healing, filled with love and that serves you and your life.  I will be sharing my progress on social media and through Kickstarter.  

The money raised here on Kickstarter will go towards all production costs, marketing and releasing of the new album.  

Thank you with all my heart ~ Todd