THE QUIET MIND class starts on Tuesday at 5:30pm PST 
You can pre-check all your zoom settings in the meantime and get familiar if it is new for you.

1. Download and Install Zoom - 

You do not need account but is recommended

 Click Here https://zoom.us/download

2. Setup your ideal listening Environment!
This is a sound experience so if you can, plug your computer/phone/tablet etc either into optimal speaker system or use headphones. If this is not an option that is fine but it is highly recommended for best experience.

3. Go to the email that we sent to you with zoom link
  - Click on link
   - Browser will open with prompt to allow zoom to open 
   - Click Allow
  - Zoom will open (again you do not need account but recommended)

4. Choose to enter the meeting with video or not
    - You can always enter with no video and turn it on later or vice versa
    - You may be prompted - Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon.|
    - When you are welcomed in you can press - Join with Computer Audio

5. You are in the meeting and should see something like this.  NEXT 2 STEPs VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

6. VERY IMPORTANT - Fix Audio Settings
   - Go to zoom preferences
   - On left side go to AUDIO >> Advanced
   - Click on - Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone
   - Click on all three of the boxes below -
        - Disable Echo Cancellation
        - High Fidelity Music Mode
        - Use Stereo Audio

What if I don't do these settings changes?
These settings ensure the best possible audio experience on your end. Everything will still work fine it's just the audio may not sound as good as we intended.

   - There is a box in the upper right hand corner that says - Turn on Original Sound
  - Make sure to Turn on Original Sound
  - This will assure you are listening to the best audio possible

8. THAT's IT! You should be all good
Make sure you choose your system audio or another audio device, your video and explore chat, reactions etc.

If you have any questions

Here is a link to Zoom FAQ Click Here

or send a message