May 15


Horse Beach Flute Meditation

It all started on a quiet spring day on the beach last week. My wife, Andrea Boston and I were enjoying the day, birds, seals and the whales as they swam north along Limantour Beach. The amazing part of the day is that we were virtually alone on the beach for hours.

Then came two women riding horses. I was sitting playing the flute and the horses curiously came over to listen. The Mare came in front of me and began to yawn, stretching her face and relaxing her body. Then she literally proceeded to relax into what I can only describe as a meditation. She listened quietly while I played the flute, eyes closing, it was an incredible and magical experience.

After talking with the owner of the horses Karin Dilou and her friend Meta, we shared our experiences, how none of us had witnessed anything quite like it and how special a moment it was. There was something beautiful and simple that happened, it was the power of music to transform not only us as the humans but also this beautiful majestic creature named Duchess.

We received an invitation to Danehill Manor, Karin’s property and what I can only describe as a horse/nature sanctuary. We visited with her and some new friends Meta, Candra and Karin’s herd of 7 horses and 2 dogs! I of course brought my flutes and Andrea her camera.

What we experienced delighted and surprised all of us including Karin as the Horses responded in such interesting and unpredictable ways to the magic of the flute. There were all kinds of interesting dynamics that played out between the pecking order of the herd and how individual horses responded.

Karin is an incredible teacher into how our subtle energy affects the animals. When we tense up, they tense and when we are confident, calm and breathing they are relaxed and able to be calm, trust and follow you as the leader.

The experiment will continue and we look forward to spending more time with these amazing animals and our new friends. Thank you Karin!! And thanks to my brother Bo Fain who makes these amazing flutes that have forever changed my life!!


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