Music is Medicine, it transforms our emotions with one note, one beat, one lyric. Music is a gift, given to us through nature, thru the songs of the birds, the wind in the trees, the pulse of the earth, the waves of the ocean. Within our bodies is a symphony of harmony, rhythm and pulses that sustain us and gives us life.  

New Album Project on Kickstarter

Today is the beginning of a new musical project. I am so excited to begin recording my next studio album Music is Medicine!  My goal is to create inspiring acoustic music that is healing and nourishing for your life.

These are stressful times.  Everyone I know is wondering what is going on in the world and feeling the intensity of the times. This album is really focused on how music can support us during our day to day life to relax, re-energize, listen, focus, reduce stress and rest.

To support the album production and release, I am launching on Kickstarter today!!  This is a pre-sale for the new album and I am asking you for your help to bring it to the world.  You can support the project today by making a pledge on kickstarter, getting involved and sharing with your friends and family.

Composed, Produced, Engineered by
Todd Boston at Magic Cottage Studios.      Mastered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios  

An uplifting and inspiring instrumental acoustic new age/world fusion album


Physical CD and Hi Fi Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads



  • NARA
  • Autumn Light

In Sept. 2016 I traveled to Nara, Japan and recorded this track on flute in the Kasugayama Primeval Forest with my remote recording setup. Inspired by the surrounding nature, 1500 year old temples and shrines this flute meditation was recorded for your peace and enjoyment.


  • Touched by the sun
  • Alive  
  • Coming Home