The new solo album by award winning
guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Todd Boston

"This is a masterful and fully realized solo project that displays and illustrates the maturity of Todd’s talents." 

Lloyd Barde, Music Reviewer
Common Ground Magaizine

FYC Best New Age Album
60th annual Grammy Awards®


We are One family floating thru time and space  
Pure as a tone plucked from the Fresh Strings of the sacred Lute 
We savor the Ambrosia of this divine life 
Our Astral Heart dances thru the eternal universe of stars 
Intertwined in Love, feeling the gift of knowing She’s Home 
With the Realization that every thing is constantly changing 
We confront Early Reflections of the inevitable immortality of life 
Take a deep breath and inhale into the Blue Pearl of our inner heart 
We fly high above our fears with the vision of Hawk Medicine 
As the sacred sun sets to the tone of Kalyan 
We drift into the Dreamtime to be born again

Meet the Instruments
*Martin Acoustic Dreadnought HD 16-R (Made in Pennsylvania, my birthplace 😉
*Froggy Bottom Acoustic Dreadnought (Built by Luthier Michael Millard)
*Fender Strat American Custom, *Lap Steel Electric Slide Guitar
*Dobro - Resonator Slide Guitar (Invented by Slovak Luthier, John Dopyera)
*GuitarViol - Bowed Guitar (Custom built by Luthier Jonathan Eric Wilson) 
*Guzheng - 21 stringed Chinese Zither (2,500 year historical instrument) 
*African Djembe, *Udu Clay Pot and Miscellaneous Percussion
*Bamboo Flutes - (Custom made by Bo Fain), *Mini Guitar Ukelelee, *Jaw Harp

All Music Composed, Produced, Performed, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed by Todd Boston at Magic Cottage Studios in Lagunitas, CA 

Additional recordings at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios (tracks 8,10)
Added Field Recordings by Gordon Hempton (tracks 1,11) 
Mastered by Tom Eaton for Imaginary Road Studios 
Photo Cover Art by Andrea Boston