February 4


The GuitarViol – A New Journey

We all know the phrase, Life is a journey not a destination." Well it can be said,
"Music is a journey not a destination."

A few months ago my wife Andrea found an instrument online called a GuitarViol made by a master luthier and multi-instrumentalist named Jonathan Eric Wilson. A few google searches later I came across some videos and a website named TogaManGuitars.com.

Something inside of me screamed "you have to play one of these!!" We visited with Jonathan and his wife, Nela in LA and it that was it, I was hooked. It set a series of events in motion that culminated in this moment!

The GuitarViol is an instrument that was designed and created completely by Jonathan based on his desire to play a bowed guitar. Over the course of years he formed his own unique instrument combining elements of the guitar, viol da gamba, cello and viola. The result is an instrument that sings with passion and soul.

Jonathan hand crafted a unique acoustic GuitarViol with spruce top and spalted ambrosia maple sides and back specifically for me! In my many years playing music and collecting instruments this was the first time one had been built specifically for me. She has been appropriately named Ambrosia. I am honored and grateful to have begun this journey of learning to play, it is challenging but rewarding everyday advancing and going deeper. I look forward to sharing music with you soon! ~TB



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