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Weekly Online Class - EVERY TUESDAY - 5:30pm PST

Next class November 10, 2020


Todd successfully created an intimate virtual environment in which to explore the impact of music on our psychological and Spiritual well-being. I left the gathering feeling uplifted and at Peace, not easy to come by via Zoom.  Thanks!

Tracey Schuster

All Levels Welcome

Our relationship with vibration, sound, and music is intrinsically connected to who we are as humans. Join award-winning musician Todd Boston in a weekly experiential class on the power of sound, music and meditation.  We will be joined by special guests.

Learn practical tools to deepen your connection and relationship to sound as a tool for transformation, healing, and growth. Explore how music and meditation can expand your abilities of deep listening, intuition, and how to integrate it into your healing practice and day to day life.

By tuning our voices, instruments, and hearts we can go deeper into the subtleties of listening. This state of focus and deeper listening can open us to hear our intuition and inner voice in more clear and profound ways. Bring your voice, percussion, and/or instrument.


Hosted by Master Musician / Teacher 

Todd Boston

Todd Boston is a composer, guitarist / multi-instrumentalist and producer that defies what is possible for one musician. He fuses advanced finger style guitar techniques, wood flute, percussion and instruments of the world together with live looping and computer technology. As a touring artist and performer for concert audiences, festivals, yoga classes or at the bedside of hospital patients, Todd invokes the feelings of nature in his melodic and rhythmic playing to inspire and soothe his listeners.


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What is a sliding scale donation?
This is a system of payment for the classes where you choose the amount you would like to donate to attend the class

Why don't you simply charge a set fee?
It is our belief that the class should be accessible to everyone despite their financial situation and that most people will give what they can.  We often find the generosity in people gives more so others can enjoy the class equally.

Why don't you just make the class free?
By paying a fee you support the teachers to continue to offer their knowledge and wisdom.  We believe that in order to truly value the teachings offered in these classes everyone should give something as an exchange of energy and good faith.

Who are the special guests?
Each week we will choose a special guest to join our class as an inspirational teacher that will bring their wisdom and musical experiences to share with us.

What if I don't consider myself a musician?
We are all musicians and if you have read this far it is likely you are more of a musician than you give yourself credit for.  All levels are welcome!

What if I am an advanced musician?
Please join the community,  it is our hope you will find inspiration with kindred spirits and it is our belief that there is something for everyone in this class.  Chances are you have something to offer to the community we would value!

What is the format of the class?
The class is meant to be a transformative experience in and of itself.  There will be live music, meditation, inspiring talks, practical advice and lessons on how to deepen your relationship and connection to music.

More than anything you will be a part of a community of like minded individuals that believe music is a powerful healing tool and want to dive deeper!  We all need a little healing in these crazy times.